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Welcome to the world over the rainbow. Some level of insanity required for elementary understanding. Do not read in case you think you are a proud owner of a brain (does not imply for types BLONDIE200XC and UWC0406AD). If you want to contact me, call CallCentru [sin x/-cos (x^5+4.5)-ln (12x^4+3x^y)], the password is 42.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

One is too little...

Another unimportant day. Are not there too many of these in my unimportant life? Well, as soon as I know how to spell unimportant, everything is fine. No, this is not a stage in my existentional depression (in fact I never have these - I know I exist although I do not always think), but complete relaxation. I claimed my brain was not working during the school year, but I did not really know what this "NO WORK" mode meant.

Enjoy your summer holidays, Alice.

My room is yellow. I always wake up into a wonderful sunny day. Maybe we should change the famous saying about hope - because if there is no hope, there always is some yellow (and chocolate icecream, just make sure you do your shopping every day OR you order special service from your milkman).

P.S.: ...two is too much (applies to chocolate icecreams, but also life and universe in general).

Actually, one of today's thoughts: When something breaks, you always end up sleeping on the floor. (Applies mostly to beds *NO HINT*)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hunny to Eat

...Up a Tree...

I hope you are not torturing your brain trying to discover the symbollism of the title of this entry - although it seems to be full of new, exciting philosophical ideas, I have to disappoint you, it is only a sing on Winnie the Pooh's honeypot from the poster on my wall (yes, I have mind of six years old kid, and I'm proud of tat one!). However, I do not want to exclude the possibility of adapting this as a motto for some new religion... Yet remember, I have used it for the first time, so in case you decide to do so, send money to the number mentioned in the description of this blog.

I have to admit that the reason for this entry is as superficial as the title - I am bored. Oh Great Om (and the silicon heaven!), how much I despise family gatherings and boyfriend's watching random American TV series! Pch! I'm such a victim of this crazy world!

Hm... Life is (AGAIN!) not fair...

Monday, June 05, 2006


Today I realized that I miss writing in my blog, probably only because I find myself extremely entertaining and did not want to make humanity suffer without my diary entries... Well, you have what you wanted now, Alice is back! (*evil laughter*)

This is my tenth day in the land of dead - ten days ago my world ended - and I am still feeling quite fine. Maybe only due to the presence of the shadows of Neverland. I tried hard not to grow up, but in the end you have to - grow up and leave Neverland, even Peter Pan did, hm? Well, I'm trying to make it as pleasant as I can - for instance today my Mum took me to the city to do some random shopping... Oh gods, during two hours we managed to spend 150 euros only for underwear! I do not understand how can someone (me!) give 50 euros for four pieces of underwear, when for the same amount of money I could go out for ten dinners or bought five shirts. Well done, Alice... (Do men really care about underwear? I think this is one of the smartest tricks of advertising companies, immediately after the whole Valentine bullshit...)

And when my Mum turned back, I managed to survive slightly embarassing miniepizode in the drugstore - one thing I still do notunderstand is - WHY the hell do they make so many types? What about NORMAL? Is not that enough? How shall a newcomer choose? I tried my favourite way - according to the color, but there was no yellow, orange or red (if you do not consider a box with a picture of unhealthy looking banana or strawberry being incredibly tempting)... It really felt like Wonderland! Unfortunately no white rabbitaround to guide me, so I just picked the first I could and run away, only to stand in the qeue after nice looking woman with two little kids curiously staring into my basket. At least the color of my face fitted to my trousers...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dead Already

After reading my wonderfully sarcastic posts from December, I realized that I was given an incredible amount of talent and I should probably continue with illumination of mankind through my weblog (I hope it will NOT illuminate any human being from my school).

Today is a good day so far. The shower had hot water, there was still some milk left in the fridge, the washing machine was unexpectadly free and I found a forgotten lolly in my bag... Can you imagine better start of a day? I also managed to climb Lucchese Hill (aka Duinese Mt. Everest) and be at school on time! The only disadvantage is that my brain refuses to switch on, however this is quite usual situation and I learnt a long time ago how to survive without brain (it is quite easy - if you have to communicate with a morning enthusiast, try to focus your eyes on a point on his right ear and nod whenever he stops speaking...).

The terrible threat called Trial Exams is finished. The feeling I have when I receive my Maths Paper is almost equal to the feeling of sitting alone in a cemetery without silver cross and bouquet of garlic OR having to drink coffee without milk.

As if writing the exams is not enough, now we have to receive our grades and a feedback. I believe that I should have taken some LSD before the actual exams, my mind would be than able to get to the area of complex numbers more easily - or pretended to faint - this would mean zero point for blank paper, but my pride would not be currently gasping for breath in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. But in the end, as mr. Wallace says: "The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps."

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finding Neverland

After two days of a complete Christmas craziness I have decided to have a nice evening. I think I do deserve it, I managed to buy almost all the presents I needed (still two days to go!) and in addition I took my little brother out for a lunch. Yes, I have spent two hours listening to WHO, WHERE, WHEN and HOW he dated during the past three months (I have not seen him since September) and I think half of my brain cells died (hm... Does this mean that I do not have any brains now? Since the first one ended up on the floor of SAT's testing centre??? Maybe I should put some straw inside my skull, at least I'll feel the weight of... ehm... Knowledge!). At least I do not have anything to loose during all the family visits, now I am really ready to sit silently, nod my head and smile for hours (No, this common OHHH, YOU HAVE GROWN UP SO MUCH! I REMEMBER YOU BEING THAT SMALL! OUR LITTLE LADYYYY IS GOING TO UNIVERSITY...!). Well, if they give me plate of Christmas home-made sweets...

I still have two days left to start and finish my Theory of Knowledge essay. Maybe it's about a time to check the topics and choose one.

Oh, back to my nice evening - I borrowed Finding Neverland and House of flying daggers... The paradise of a movie fan! (Maybe I should have chosen something more... appropriate for the amount of brain cells left in my head... Legally Blond? Cruel Intentions? Barbar Conan???)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

High on sugar

Let's make things clear: I love Christmas (I'm being serious now!), but... In order to work efficiently I'm hardly trying to avoid them. The nature is quite helfpul as well, the snow blanket which lied on the field behing my window is gone and the the temperature hardly gets below zero. My war against Christmas mood continued by hiding all the Christmas Carrol records (which are almost as bad as Spice Girls), throwing Mum's Christmas candle to the rubbish bin and consequently I survived very dangerous Mission Almost Impossible - carrying the eight different types of Christmas sweets (yes, the chocolate ones as well! Mhmm, of course they do have cherries on the top! No, I have not forgotten the vanilla cream... Mhmmmmm!) to the dark cellar (I assumed I'd be too scared to go there again - and too lazy as well). I managed not to taste anything (does Christmas mean that I'd have to become a pig?) and I spent some minutes of imagining how nice they are... (Actually it's not my will, I do not have any, but some people (!) think the Christmas sweets should be left for the Christmas Eve... Is not this boring?) - so now I'm quite High on sugar.

Enough about Christmas, I guess everyone is obsessed with them anyway! (Even without me writing my wonderful diary...). I should start talking about something more exciting... The asteroid is hitting the Earth in 2036! (Or 2019! 2060! Or just any time before...) All right, I'll try it again! What about... Uhm! Czech republic has its own winner of the first Big Brother show! (I'm proud I have not seen a single mintue of this)...

I'd rather go and create something like "My Family Christmas Presents List" ... Do you have any hints for Christmas presents? I feeeeeel lost (and lonely of course as well...). I wish you a very (but VERY!) nice day (if you can manage without a nervous breakdown, even better!)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Just a simple girl

I was just told that I was a simple girl. I guess I'd rather run to the shop and buy some pinkie stuff and listen to BackStreet Boys newly released golden edition of the Greatest Hits Ever (including Quit playing games, Everybody and other diamonds of the music heaven).

All right, I should maybe do some more work (not that I did not do enough today!). I feel destroyed, four cups of coffee, thinking of another one (or maybe RedBull - it gives you wings!). I have managed to get my MH Paper 1 done (with an incredible score, I feel like Einstein's daughter) and furthermore I have started my university applications... (I'm going crazy... What is the one thing you would bring to ... university? - I cannot think of anything else than a weapon of a mass destruction. Why would you like to apply here? - Hmmmm, I seriously love the red tree in front of your library, ... university has a nice one as well, but it's a little too much yellow, you know...). I feel I cannot do anything anymore, except of lying on my bed and not moving at all. Hm... I have to hire my brother to turn the pages of my book or change the TV programmes!

Christmas is coming (in fact I feel it in my fingers and toes... And also in my wallet... Sad life of a poor student...). Naaaah, I LOVE Christmas, all the commercial atmosphere around... Fat reddish Santas everywhere you look, people following Brown's theory, the real Christmas atmosphere... Some things simply cannot be bought.

Anyways... Someone really annoying is just standing right behind me, so I'd rather finish this off. Good night and sweet dreams (call Sandman's contact centre if you lack them...)